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Recording at 360 degrees

Posted on May 18, 2017  in My Blog

Ricoh extends its range of spherical cameras. The manufacturer has just introduced the new Theta SC model. It is much cheaper than the previous models, while offering functionality at a very similar level.

The Ricoh Theta SC is a cheaper and slightly slimmed-down version of the Theta S model last year. It features a 14 megapixel f / 2.0 shutter sensor that lets you shoot movies and make spherical images. For images, we can reach a maximum resolution of 5376 x 2688 pixels, while movies are recorded at 1080p / 30 frames.

Unfortunately, unlike the previous model, which allowed up to 25 minutes of video footage, we have a very limited 8 GB of memory that will only fit 5 minutes of recording. This is still some progress compared to the mite T15, which allows you to record only 3 minutes of recording at 15 frames per second.

The camera has a very simple design and design that makes it easy to handle with one hand. The second one will be useful to hold a smartphone as a viewfinder, because the hardware itself does not have such a device. The smartphone also allows you to view your photos and videos and share them on the web.

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Moscow is cut off from Microsoft

Posted on May 18, 2017  in My Blog

Soon Moscow will no longer rely on Microsoft products. City authorities are going to replace the US mail client, the tools of local manufacturers. Up to now, there are 6,000 computers used in administration, but the plan assumes a change of 600,000 machines.

Some time ago, Vladimir Putin announced a new plan to save the Russian economy by stopping its dependence on Western technologies and placing on its own products. As part of the implementation of this plan, soon with 6,000 computers used in the Moscow administration, Microsoft will soon disappear. It will be replaced by local business programs.

As Artem Yermolaev, head of the city’s information technology department, explains, Exchange computer software and the Outlook email client will be removed from government computers. It will be replaced by the postal system of the government operator Rostelecom PJSC.

So far, the change will cover only 6,000 administration computers, but plans to introduce such a total change on more than 600,000 machines.

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Windows 10 on the subscription? Microsoft ensures that only for businesses

Posted on May 8, 2017  in My Blog

A few days ago there were reports that Microsoft was changing the Windows business model and would no longer be selling it, but making it available for subscription. This is partly true, but fortunately, private users do not have to worry about it, because it will only cover companies.

This month will end up with a promotion, where users of older versions of Windows can completely switch to Windows 10 free. A few days ago there was information that could suggest that it was time to speed up, because after that period Microsoft changed its business strategy and converted Windows 10 into service, which would mean that instead of paying a one-time purchase fee, $ 7 a month.

I do not need to add that for many people this would mean having to resign from purchasing plans for Windows 10, but fortunately the information turned out to be not quite true.

Windows 10 will not be a service. However, Microsoft is preparing a special edition of Windows 10 Enterprise E3, which is exclusively for business. And here in fact there will be no longer a one-time license, but a monthly subscription of $ 7 for one job. In return the trader will be able to use all the functions and full protection afforded by the system.

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What are we able to do for “lads”? Biting the truth and compromising friends at the top of the list

Posted on April 18, 2017  in My Blog

People use social networking sites to boast to their friends, collect as much of a liking as they can and have a good reputation. But striving to win recognition in the eyes of others, sometimes deliberately pass the truth and color their lives.

A survey conducted by Kaspersky Lab shows that one in ten people would be willing to bend the truth on social networking sites so that more people like her posts. The study also shows that during such hunts, men are more likely than women to reveal themselves.

To attract attention and provide for a large number of likes, about one in ten (12%) pretend to be somewhere or do something that is not entirely consistent with reality. The survey shows that men are more concerned about the likes they get on social networks than women, and that chasing more and more thumbs up are more likely than women to disclose something that is confidential or may embarrass their co-workers, friends or employers.

Men are also more worried when they do not get as many likes, as they count – 24% fear that if few people appreciate their posts, friends will think they are not enjoying social popularity. For women, such concerns are 17%. 29% of men also admitted that they felt depressed if their posts were not liked by an important person.

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Spotify differentiates on disc releases

Posted on April 11, 2017  in My Blog

Spotify introduces the announced variety of offerings to paid and free users. The first will get access to new albums two weeks before the rest.

Spotify is one of the few music services that works for popular artists for free. Of course, you can also pay for the subscription, but this does not affect the music offer, but only for additional options. But this will change now.

Music labels have long disliked the policy of the site, which provided the music they were able to listen to for free. They pressed for a change of strategy and finally got their way. Spotify has just announced that it is introducing a variety of musical offerings.

Subscribers to the service, who pay a subscription every month, get the latest albums of well-known artists so that they receive two weeks free of charge. The change of policy is part of a larger deal with the Universal Music Group, where certain albums will only be available for a limited time.

Artists will decide whether their latest albums will be available for two weeks exclusively to subscribers or whether they will be able to listen to them all at once.

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I like to read, I do not always have time

Posted on March 23, 2017  in My Blog

Books are not just a form of data storage, they are mainly entertainment, relaxation and learning. You can spend some time reading during the day, but interesting reading can swallow up the rest. The Audioteka offers a convenient system combining a modern library with text files on the tablet and a smartphone with an android, with a sound note book – for listening, for example, when driving a car.

The app, currently only available on Android devices, allows the screen to display text and listen to audiobooks. The manufacturer named a new form of publication “Audiobook +” and existing Audioteka users to be able to use this feature, they should update the application.

With the launch of Audiobook + service began selling 20 items. Lem’s devotees will find “Return from the Stars” in the interpretation of the brilliant teacher, Rocha Siemianowski. There are guides, fiction and the Swedish criminal. There is also an interesting description of field trips – adventure, by Marcin Meller, read by Wojciech Mecwałdowski.

Reading from a tablet is rated by many people as inconvenient, but as many people claim that by omitting the “smell, taste and texture” of a book, tablet or reader has an advantage over the library in size. Books written on a memory card, whether in the form of a text document or as an audio release, do not weigh more than a tablet or a reader. Taking a few, a dozen or even a few thousand books with you does not require a moving company. Every smartphone and tablet holder will get it.

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Pay attention to new scams on eBay, do not get cut

Posted on March 9, 2017  in My Blog

You can pay for up to a thousand dollars and you will not be able to pay the fee you will have to pay for the auctioned photo of your dream smartphone. All because you read irregularly.

Auction sites are virtual markets, where you can sell everything from the antique potty to his photo. Just as in charity, buyers are more likely to be emotionally driven than common sense and will buy almost anything. The most recent examples are the recent auctions, which offer pictures of … cell phones.

The buying mechanism is simple: bidding, constant price increases, finally the last few minutes, and the buyer himself is penalizing himself for inaccurate acquaintance with the description. The amount for the item being auctioned is several hundred dollars or more, so it’s time to cool down the emotion. Happy (yet) won the second reading of the description of the auction. The dream phone is almost in the palm of your hand and a sudden shock can lead to apoplexy or syncope. Instead of buying a phone … a phone photo. The huge price, the huge loss, and in addition to the seller – in part – is right.

Although the carers of the auction site say that “Auctions with such offers are being removed and adequate measures are being taken against the Seller.” Just do not know what is meant by adequate action. Correspondence will not hurt anyone, and the service is not responsible for the swiftness of any party involved in the transaction. Removing such an auction is hardly a form of repercussion, and a new account for a cousin’s sister or uncle’s grandfather from Wladek’s great-grandfather can be assumed by anyone.

Fortunately, every well-organized service will have records that should protect buyers (and sellers) from fraudsters. Our fraud cases were answered by Joanna Wagner of the eBay Group: “These examples are a violation of the eBay Terms and Conditions.

The problem is that the list of good habits has not been created yet. And as far as the legal side – in the description is contained information – “For sale I have a picture of the phone company (…)”, “The subject of the auction is a picture of the phone company (…) or similar. The consequences of such transactions will be small, provided that the auction is not placed in the “photography” tab. The seller placing an image of the phone in the phone deals violates the regulations of the auction site, so the cleaning services in the form of carers will be on the buyer side.

According to Ms. Wagner of the eBay Group – Such cases are rare. Their number slightly increased after the publication of the service appeared on auctions of pictures of phones or audio equipment. EBay has taken decisive action against those who imitate this dishonest example. At this moment the situation has calmed down. Users are aware that similar offers violate applicable law and yet they are wary of this type of auction.

Fortunately, the deals with phone pictures are few, and they are bidding a little too, surely, after a few examples are interested in getting acquainted with the descriptions of the auction.

The transaction can be waived. The content of the offer addressed to the customer in a way that misleads the result that the buyer can evade the legal consequences of the statement of will will be based on art. 84 Civil Code. Such a statement should be made in writing (Article 88 § 1 of the Civil Code). The statement should state the grounds for its submission, explain why the buyer believes that the seller has been misled by the seller and a call for a refund of the money paid. Since the submission of the statement, the parties should return everything they have witnessed. The Consumer Ombudsman claims.

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The killer robot passed his first test

Posted on January 22, 2017  in My Blog

QUT robotic specialists have just conducted the first tests of their COTSbot killer robot. However, the machine is not dangerous to humans because it is an underwater robot designed to destroy a particular species of starfish, thus protecting the Great Barrier Reef.

The Great Barrier Reef is home to many undersea creatures. Unfortunately, not all of them are useful to her, and some of them are dangerous, destroying delicate corals. We will also include a species of starfish called the crown of thorns, which is the most destructive to her.

Researchers from OUT have developed a special robot designed to destroy it. A machine called COTSbot has already passed its first test in Moreton Bay, Queensland, and this month another test of its effectiveness will take place. Dr. Matthew Dunbabin, the team leader responsible for creating this technology, says that it can very effectively clean coral reefs from this dangerous pest in the future and protect them from damage.

COTSbot has stereoscopic cameras, GPS sensors, five propulsors to move around and a stable position, as well as a pneumatic arm that is injected into the starfish salt solution. One such machine in an 8-hour patrol can kill about 200 starfish, so a fleet of 10 or 100 copies of a robot would be able to quickly get rid of it from the reef.

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The MacBook Pro will ruin us financially

Posted on January 18, 2017  in My Blog

Most laptops manufacturers allow users to manually replace the battery and it is not a particularly expensive operation. Unfortunately, in the case of Apple computers, we have to bear in mind that battery replacement can ruin us financially.

You’ve just bought a brand-new Retina MacBook Pro and you’re just like kids with functional hardware that looks stylish and modern in addition. Mina, however, you will know when you need to replace the battery, which, like in any laptop, will wear out sometime.

Of course, you can order replacement batteries for Apple and pay as a grain, but you can also do it yourself, with the instructions prepared by professionals from iFixit. However, even then, you should expect to spend $ 500.

It’s not a mistake, because specialists advise you to replace the entire top of the case with the battery, hence the cost. This is unlikely to happen because the battery is attached to it and not screwed on and connected to some display components.

So is it worth buying a MacBook Pro with Retina, knowing that it is a disposable one? After a few years the value of the computer will go down to such a level that replacing the battery will become completely unprofitable.

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Wireless electric car chargers will be more efficient

Posted on January 2, 2017  in My Blog

Wireless battery charging systems of different devices are undoubtedly very comfortable, but at the same time extremely inefficient. Transmission of energy by induction causes large losses, so charging the battery lasts a long time. The Oak Ridge National Laboratory researchers have, however, managed to solve the problem.

Engineers have developed a 20kW wireless charging system for electric cars that has as much as 90 percent efficiency. New technology is very secure as special electronic circuits ensure that the magnetic field is immediately switched off in the event of a threat.

Only the prototype of the charger has been created so far, so the route to the commercial product is still very far away. Besides, this is not the last word of the engineers, as the next step is to create a 50 kW power charger that would be as efficient as the fast charging systems on the market today. And the greater the power of the loader, the larger the vehicle can be loaded, so the future model would be suitable for buses or trucks.

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