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Volvo will give up the car key

Posted on November 16, 2016  in My Blog

BMW’s new 7-series model presents a high-tech key that allows you to control the car’s functions and even park it in the garage. The Swedish company Volvo, however, plans to go in a completely different direction and completely abandon the use of the key.

Keyless systems are installed in higher class cars for several years, automatically locking or unlocking the locks when the driver is approaching, or starting the engine without having to pull the key out of the pocket. Soon, however, the standard key may disappear altogether, at least in the case of Volvo cars of the Swedish concern.

The well-known brand announced a plan to get rid of the car key, which it plans to carry out next year. The company wants the standard or electronic key to be replaced with a smartphone with a special application and Bluetooth technology. This solution will enable us to remotely unlock the door, open the trunk to which we are shopping, and even remotely start the engine so that the interior of the vehicle can be heated or cooled.

As with electronic door locks, digital keys can also be shared with family and friends.

Of course this will be an optional offer and only available to car buyers who clearly want it. Volvo does not intend to completely abandon the keys and everyone will be able to continue using them.

The idea is certainly innovative, but it also carries several shortcomings. What to do if your smartphone battery runs out? Will this mean we will not start our car? The same can be the case with theft of the phone, and you can not forget the various types of malware that may allow hackers to steal the vehicle, or at least what is on the seat.

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