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The MacBook Pro will ruin us financially

Posted on January 18, 2017  in My Blog

Most laptops manufacturers allow users to manually replace the battery and it is not a particularly expensive operation. Unfortunately, in the case of Apple computers, we have to bear in mind that battery replacement can ruin us financially.

You’ve just bought a brand-new Retina MacBook Pro and you’re just like kids with functional hardware that looks stylish and modern in addition. Mina, however, you will know when you need to replace the battery, which, like in any laptop, will wear out sometime.

Of course, you can order replacement batteries for Apple and pay as a grain, but you can also do it yourself, with the instructions prepared by professionals from iFixit. However, even then, you should expect to spend $ 500.

It’s not a mistake, because specialists advise you to replace the entire top of the case with the battery, hence the cost. This is unlikely to happen because the battery is attached to it and not screwed on and connected to some display components.

So is it worth buying a MacBook Pro with Retina, knowing that it is a disposable one? After a few years the value of the computer will go down to such a level that replacing the battery will become completely unprofitable.

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