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Wireless electric car chargers will be more efficient

Posted on January 2, 2017  in My Blog

Wireless battery charging systems of different devices are undoubtedly very comfortable, but at the same time extremely inefficient. Transmission of energy by induction causes large losses, so charging the battery lasts a long time. The Oak Ridge National Laboratory researchers have, however, managed to solve the problem.

Engineers have developed a 20kW wireless charging system for electric cars that has as much as 90 percent efficiency. New technology is very secure as special electronic circuits ensure that the magnetic field is immediately switched off in the event of a threat.

Only the prototype of the charger has been created so far, so the route to the commercial product is still very far away. Besides, this is not the last word of the engineers, as the next step is to create a 50 kW power charger that would be as efficient as the fast charging systems on the market today. And the greater the power of the loader, the larger the vehicle can be loaded, so the future model would be suitable for buses or trucks.

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