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Pay attention to new scams on eBay, do not get cut

Posted on March 9, 2017  in My Blog

You can pay for up to a thousand dollars and you will not be able to pay the fee you will have to pay for the auctioned photo of your dream smartphone. All because you read irregularly.

Auction sites are virtual markets, where you can sell everything from the antique potty to his photo. Just as in charity, buyers are more likely to be emotionally driven than common sense and will buy almost anything. The most recent examples are the recent auctions, which offer pictures of … cell phones.

The buying mechanism is simple: bidding, constant price increases, finally the last few minutes, and the buyer himself is penalizing himself for inaccurate acquaintance with the description. The amount for the item being auctioned is several hundred dollars or more, so it’s time to cool down the emotion. Happy (yet) won the second reading of the description of the auction. The dream phone is almost in the palm of your hand and a sudden shock can lead to apoplexy or syncope. Instead of buying a phone … a phone photo. The huge price, the huge loss, and in addition to the seller – in part – is right.

Although the carers of the auction site say that “Auctions with such offers are being removed and adequate measures are being taken against the Seller.” Just do not know what is meant by adequate action. Correspondence will not hurt anyone, and the service is not responsible for the swiftness of any party involved in the transaction. Removing such an auction is hardly a form of repercussion, and a new account for a cousin’s sister or uncle’s grandfather from Wladek’s great-grandfather can be assumed by anyone.

Fortunately, every well-organized service will have records that should protect buyers (and sellers) from fraudsters. Our fraud cases were answered by Joanna Wagner of the eBay Group: “These examples are a violation of the eBay Terms and Conditions.

The problem is that the list of good habits has not been created yet. And as far as the legal side – in the description is contained information – “For sale I have a picture of the phone company (…)”, “The subject of the auction is a picture of the phone company (…) or similar. The consequences of such transactions will be small, provided that the auction is not placed in the “photography” tab. The seller placing an image of the phone in the phone deals violates the regulations of the auction site, so the cleaning services in the form of carers will be on the buyer side.

According to Ms. Wagner of the eBay Group – Such cases are rare. Their number slightly increased after the publication of the service appeared on auctions of pictures of phones or audio equipment. EBay has taken decisive action against those who imitate this dishonest example. At this moment the situation has calmed down. Users are aware that similar offers violate applicable law and yet they are wary of this type of auction.

Fortunately, the deals with phone pictures are few, and they are bidding a little too, surely, after a few examples are interested in getting acquainted with the descriptions of the auction.

The transaction can be waived. The content of the offer addressed to the customer in a way that misleads the result that the buyer can evade the legal consequences of the statement of will will be based on art. 84 Civil Code. Such a statement should be made in writing (Article 88 ยง 1 of the Civil Code). The statement should state the grounds for its submission, explain why the buyer believes that the seller has been misled by the seller and a call for a refund of the money paid. Since the submission of the statement, the parties should return everything they have witnessed. The Consumer Ombudsman claims.

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